Season 3: Encrypted

Updated on 21.2.2023, 14:47

Another season, another seasonal affix! This time around we get Encrypted which gives you some flexibility in choosing how you want to handle it throughout each dungeon. 

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Encrypted Affix Overview

The Encrypted Affix seems quite complicated at first glance but honestly can boil down to 1 major question that you get to ask every time your group encounters a set of Encrypted Relics in the dungeon: What buff can most benefit my group right now?

Once you know the buff you want, just kill the appropriate rune FIRST (has to be first) easy as pie! Your options are:

  • Kill Urh first - 200% cooldown reduction and 10%/second health and mana regen - 10 second duration 
  • Kill Vyr first - 15% haste buff and some extra damage on enemy mobs - 45 second duration
  • Kill Wo first - A movement speed increase, 15% damage reduction, and group-wide stealth (out of combat only) - 60 second duration 

Don't feel like remembering Relic names? Use this weakaura instead to just see the buff name!

The relics themselves give some passive auras to the trash packs they're attached to but honestly their health is so low that they'll get annihilated before any of them started to matter. Just make sure the Relic you want is the #1 DPS priority to make sure the correct one dies. 

Fantastic, once you've killed the relic, it will spawn an add that matches with the relic you killed first. Killing this add is what gives you the final buff! 

Urh Dismantler

  • Deconstruct - tank hit
  • Force Slam - frontal - face away from group and tank can move out too

Wo Drifter

  • Burst - interrupt to avoid group damage

Vy Interceptor

  • Fusion Beam - teleports and casts a straight line out of it, don't stand in the line

In most situations (pugging and lower keys especially), the go to relic will be the Vyr Relic (haste), especially in the first few weeks before the meta really develops and pathing becomes more universally understood. If you are in a coordinated group however, experiment with what works best for you, especially by using the Wo Relic to stealth around the dungeon and open up new pathing possibilities!