Streets of Wonder - Tazavesh

Updated on 21.2.2023, 14:47

Welcome to Tazavesh, the Veiled Market! As of 9.2, this dungeon has been split into 2 halves and both have been introduced into the M+ rotation. For M0 megadungeon and hard mode purposes, please visit the Wowhead guide written by Mandl or Wowhead's hardmode only guide!

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This dungeon has a LOT of spell casts and potential missed interrupts going off so take note of the (high priority) indication for these mobs to know what you should prioritize. 

We start off on the main floor of the dungeon with only one way forward, pull ahead and look for the first boss as soon as you reach the first open area to your right.

Gatewarden Zo'mazz

  • Radiant Pulse - group damage - damage and a short DoT on all party members
  • Proxy Strike - tank hit - summons a weapon that deals extra damage to the tank


Support Officer


Customs Security


Interrogation Specialist 

  • Stasis Beam - interrupt (high priority) - stuns and damages for 6 seconds 
  • Glyph of Restraintinterrupt or magic dispel - DoT and movement speed reduction on a random player 
    • Blessing of Freedom will also remove the debuff
  • Spark Burn - interruptible - deals magic damage to random party members


Armored Overseer

  • Beam Splicer - avoidable damage - summons a white line that rotates; don't stand on it and move mobs away to make it easy to dodge
  • Proxy Strike - tank hit - summons a weapon that deals extra damage to the tank


Portalmancer Zo’honn

  • Empowered Glyph of Restraint - interrupt or magic dispel - DoT and movement speed reduction on a random player
    • Blessing of Freedom will also remove the debuff
  • Rift Blasts - avoidable - will spawn rifts with big lines on the ground, get out
  • Radiant Pulse - group damage - damage and a short DoT on all party members
  • Hyperlight Bolt - interrupt - will deal magic damage to a random party member

Fighting him will spawn the first boss, back up if you don't want to pull him right away!


Streets of Wonder - Boss #1
  • Move boss when he drops spinning arms
  • If the rotating shield is between you and the boss it will absorb your attacks
  • Impound Contrabound steals your weapon -- run over it to pick it up
  • Interrogation
  • Targeted player must run away from the boss and the party needs to dps them out of the cell
  • Do not stand in front of the boss during this mechanic

The most important mechanic to handle correctly on this boss is Interrogation

  • He will target a random party member with it and they have a few seconds to get as far away from him as possible
  • They will be trapped in a cell that they need to be dps'd out of before he reaches them
  • ANYONE standing in front of him while he's moving towards the cell will likely die (including the person targeted if they're still trapped when he reaches them

He cannot be reset by distance so feel free to run outside of his main area if you need extra room 

The other major mechanic is Impound Contraband

  • He will take the weapon of a random player (can be the tank) and that player is silenced until they retrieve their weapon
  • You just need to run over it to pick it up; it will have a beam coming out of it and be sitting on as little blue platform 
  • You get a 25% haste buff for 6 seconds after picking it up. 

Other minor mechanics:

  • Armed Security - avoidable damage - he will detach his arms and they’ll spin on either side of him; move the boss away from them
  • Fully Armed - tank alert - deals 25% more damage when he has all of his arms 
  • Rotary Body Armor - important - if the armor rotating around him is between you and him, it will absorb all of your attacks (it looks like a glowy white hexagon)

After the first boss you will have the option of left or right through the market -- to the right is the more popular route as things stand right now but that may change as the meta changes! I'll outline mobs on both sides just in case you choose to do some experimentation!

Right hand side mobs:

Cartel Skulker 

  • Just stealthed NPCs, make sure you pick them up so they don't hit your party

Cartel Wiseguy

  • Hyperlight Bolt - interrupt - will deal magic damage to a random party member
  • Lightshard Retreat - avoidable damage - don't stand in the big void zone after they teleport

Cartel Muscle

Cartel Smuggler

  • Hyperlight Bomb - magic dispel - random party member gets a bomb, run away before it is dispelled or falls off


Left hand side mobs:

Tracker Zo'Korss

  • Beam Splicer - avoidable damage - summons a white line that rotates; don't stand on it and move mobs away to make it easy to dodge
  • Chain of Custody - tethers the group to him, can make it hard to dodge the splicers so move the boss away from traps 
  • Lockdown - group damage - roots everyone within 40 yards and puts a small DoT on them, heal through it 


Ancient Core Hound

  • Ancient Dread - interrupt (high priority) & curse - applies a curse to all party members that reduces cast speed and attack speed for 1 minute, if you miss an interrupt use curse removal and immunities to remove it 
  • Lava Breath - interrupt & frontal cone - point away from group in case it gets off
  • Ground Stomp - will stun everyone within 45 yards, not avoidable unless ranged sacrifice dps (which defeats the point of avoiding it)


Enraged Direhorn

  • Wild Thrash - group damage - deals damage to everyone within 8 yards of it -- not scary enough that melee would need to move out
  • Frenzied Charge - deals damage and stuns, don't stand between the direhorn and the main target


Frenzied Nightclaw

  • Grievous Rip - bleed - jumps on random party members and applies a bleed that will only be removed if they are healed past 90%
    • Careful if you pull all 4 of these at once as they cast it almost immediately on pull and may cause your healer to fall behind 

If you took the right hand side, you'll be at Myza's Oasis now (continue this guide in order), otherwise you'll be at the Bazaar and you'll need to jump around this guide a bit!)

Trading Mini Game

The goal of this part of the dungeon is to "trade up" a grey item 5 times until you receive the password to give to the bouncer at the big door

  1. Wait for the RP next to the big door 
  2. Talk to Xy’darid and buy the grey item 
  3. Once you "buy" it, someone will need to pick it up off the ground and carry it to the appropriate trader.
    • A map of all of the trade locations is in the picture below
    • Bazaar Strongarms will spawn periodically and will fixate on the player carrying the item, the group should follow along killing/stunning them while the player carrying the item keeps running
    • Druids are great candidates for carrying the trade items as they can do it in shapeshift form. Otherwise any class with good movement speed/abilities is a strong option
  4. Repeat this process several times until you get the password; run to the big doors and speak the correct password to the bouncer


Bazaar Strongarm

  • Static Mace - deals extra magic damage and adds a stacking slow when it melees
  • He follows the person who is carrying the trading items -- protect them!


Myza's Oasis

Streets of Wonder - Boss #2
  • Phase 1: Adds
  • Interrupt Suppression cast by Disruptive Patrons
  • Interrupt Menacing Shout cast by Oasis Security
  • Phase 2: Zo'gron
  • Don't stand in front of him during his frontal Crowd Control
  • Run away from him during Suppression Spark -- use your instruments here too if you can!

Go up onto the stage and wait for the RP; while you're waiting you can go stand next to the instrument you want for the fight -- you're the entertainment and it's time to learn how to play your new instruments!

If your healer is a Paladin or Monk, they should NOT take the drums, and should instead take one of the other instruments while a ranged dps takes the drums for them (you need to be stationary when sitting at the drum kit so it's bad for melee who need to reach the boss)





Successfully hitting notes gives you a stacking 1% haste buff. When you reach 12 stacks of his buff you gain a 25% damage and 25% haste increase for 40 seconds -- doing this well is going to make the fight drastically easier!

Throughout the fight Unruly Patrons from the sidelines will throw Rotten Food at you - don’t stand in the impact locations

Phase 1: Summons various adds (this repeats 2 times)

Rowdy - soothe - If any of the adds reach 100 rage, their damage done is doubled. 


Brawling Patron x2

  • Throw Drink - group damage - deals physical damage to random group members

Disruptive Patron x1

  • Suppression - interrupt (high priority) - channeled damage and slow on a group member
  • Hyperlight Bolt - interrupt - will deal magic damage to a random party member
  • Teleport - will periodically teleport away, ranged interrupt them to bring them back

Speakeasy Security x1

  • Menacing Shout - interrupt (high priority) - deals AoE group damage and interrupts casts
  • Security Slam - tank hit - deals heavy physical damage

Phase 2: Zo'gron

  • Suppression Pulse - spread - pulls everyone into him; if anyone is within 4.5 yards of each other they take a lot of magic damage
  • Security Slam - tank hit - deals heavy physical damage
  • Menacing Shout - interrupt (high priority) - deals AoE group damage and interrupts casts
  • Crowd Control - frontal cone - will deflect all spells and attacks if you are in front of him, when it ends it will deal damage with a knockback in front of him 


Head Inside the POST Office once you come out of the Oasis

P.O.S.T. Worker 


Overloaded Mailemental 

  • Junk Mail - deals random physical damage to group members
  • Spam Filter - interrupt (high priority) - applies a shield to another mob, reducing damage taken by 50%
  • Expedited - important - put down a big pink bubble then they die, it gives a haste buff to you AND the mobs so keep your group in it and the mobs out of it!


Defective Sorter

  • Will open cages letting out Smuggled Creatures and Chickens which run around micro-stunning anyone it hits in the area


Smuggled Creature

  • Pounce - spread out - leaps on a random player and deals splash damage
  • Feral - enrage -  increases damage done by 50%

Mailroom Mayhem

Streets of Wonder - Boss #3
  • Heal through the Fan Mail damage
  • Stack to split damage on Money Order (big yellow circle)
  • Stand in Hazardous Liquid purple circles before they land to absorb them
  • Throw Unstable Goods into the active delivery tube before they explode

Most of this boss' mechanics are fairly straight forward and shouldn't pose too many issues for your group:

  • Fan Mail - group damage - a 5 second channel of physical damage to the entire group
  • Money Order - stack - targets a player for heavy physical damage, stack in the big yellow circle with them to split the damage 
    • Immunities or heavy damage reduction like Blessing of Protection/Divine Shield, Aspect of the Turtle, Zen Meditation, Ice Block etc all work so the person can solo it 
  • Hazardous Liquids - soak the puddles - stand on the purple circles on the ground before they land
    • If the puddle lands, it will create a spreading void zone; too many of these will severely limit your movement in the room
    • Catching them adds a stacking DoT but it’s dispellable by the healer

The most impactful mechanic of this fight is Unstable Goods 

  • When the P.O.S.T. Master reaches 100 energy, 5 packages with bombs will land in the room
    • Your group will need to pick them up and use their extra action button to throw them into whichever portal is active before they explode (you have 30 seconds)
    • The active portal will have blue lights on either side of it, see the picture below for more details
    • You can throw it to each other, but if it doesn't land on another player or the active portal, it will explode 
    • Slows you by 50% while holding it 
      • Movement abilities and movement speed immunities like Blessing of Freedom or Shapeshifting work here

Next stop, the Grand Menagerie! This is a great time to skip some mobs with invisibility if you can!

Market Peacekeeper

  • Quelling Strike - targets someone in ranged, leaps to them and interrupts them
    • If everyone stacks within 10 yards of this mob, they won't cast it
  • Phalanx Field - stun - reduces their damage taken by 75% and reflects magic damage during their channel


Vetern Sparkcaster

  • Scintillate - interrupt  - deals damage to a random party member and increases their damage taken by 10%
  • Hyperlight Salvo - targets a player and fires bolts at them
    • they can be intercepted by someone else (by pets too!)


Commerce Enforcer 

  • Power Kick - tank hit - deals damage and has a knock back; position yourself with your back to the wall 
  • Force Multiplier - enrage/soothe - increases damage dealt by 20%. Applied to themselves and all other mobs within 15 yards


Commander Zo’far
(you can kill him now or later, you’ll need to kill him eventually to go up)

  • Power Kick - tank hit - deals damage and has a knock back; position yourself with your back to the wall 
  • Lethal Force - links 2 people and tries to move them together, do not touch! Lasts 8 seconds
  • Shock Mines - avoidable damage - triggering the traps deals damage and stuns (very easy to trigger them during Lethal Force, pre-position yourself in a good place)

The Grand Menagerie

Streets of Wonder - Boss #4
  • Alcruux
  • Run away from him during Grip of Hunger
  • Dodge Grand Consumption orbs by remembering their fall pattern
  • Achillite
  • Whoever has Gluttonous Feast debuff can absorb the orbs he makes
  • Flagellation Protocol dps the shield and interrupt, heavy tank damage
  • Spread out if you have the big circle around you
  • Venza
  • Don't get pulled into her and dps party members out of Chains of Damnation

You'll be fighting 3 different bosses during the course of this fight. When you bring one down to 20% health, the next one will begin activating and join the fight. Always make sure you prioritize finishing off the lower health boss to avoid bad ability overlaps.


  • Gluttony - immediately applies to whoever is closest to him; ignore this for now as it won't be used until the next boss comes down.
    • after 21 seconds it jumps and reapplies to the next nearest player
    • do not stack with the player that has this -- it is a big blue swirly around them
  • Grip of Hunger - get out of the big blue circle around him
  • Grand Consumption - big circles will spawn on the ground, covering the whole arena. Keep track of the order they show up in so you can move into a safe place after the first ones land. 


It's time to use the Gluttony debuff we got on the last boss! He will cast Venting Protocol which spews out little orbs in all directions around him. 

  • Whoever has the Gluttony debuff will be immune to the damage they deal and can run around absorbing them 
    • Each orb you absorb give a stacking 5% damage buff
    • Prioritize trying to pass Gluttony between dps players so they can take advantage of this
  • If you touch an orb without the debuff you will take damage and get a stacking 5% damage reduction debuff for 1 min
  • The orbs will bounce off walls and will not despawn unless absorbed, so whoever has the debuff needs to strike the balance between absorbing orbs and dpsing the boss so the fight does not drag on for too long
  • His dead body will continue spawning orbs so your group will continue needing to absorb the orbs for the rest of the fight

He has two other mechanics:

  • Flagellation Protocol - tank hit and interrupt - shields himself and starts beating on the tank, dps the shield down and interrupt him
  • Purification Protocol - magic dispel - creates a big circle around 2 party members, anyone in it will take damage and anyone who is not the targeted player will have their dps reduced by 5%
    • The healer can prioritize dispelling melee dps so that they can stay on the boss


  • Whirling Annihilation - does a pull with a damage aura around her (7 yards), fight it
    • this can be very dangerous if there are a lot of orbs around; whoever has Gluttony should aim to clear them up before this mechanic as much as possible
  • Chains of Damnation - roots someone in place until they are dps'd out (don't forget, it's only a root and you can damage your own chains too!)

Head out and go back to the center platform where Commander Zo’far was, kill him now if you didn’t before and click on the console to head up. Going straight into another boss fight here!


Streets of Wonder - Boss #5
  • Relocators will teleport you to the other one with the matching shape above it
  • Use relocators to move into the middle of the Shuri circle -- don't touch the edge!
  • Use relocators to stay together when he divides the room
  • Double Technique needs two interrupts back to back

This fight has deceptively few mechanics that all combine to a very challenging fight. Do not underestimate it! For a visual representation of all the mechanics, see the picture below.

If you are in voice chat, be as vocal as possible about what shapes you are going through to make sure the party stays together. 

This fight revolves around the use of relocators to teleport around the arena to avoid mechanics or chase the boss when he moves away.

  • There are 3 sets of 2 relocators that have matching shapes. Running on top of one will teleport you to the one with the matching shape
  • As the fight progresses, it is going to start to be necessary to make multiple "jumps" to get to where you need to go. Take a second and plan your path out in your head before you leave so that you don't end up getting trapped somewhere unsafe. 

The mechanics you'll be using the relocators for are:

  • Shuri - spawns a ring that slowly expands across the entire arena. Touching the edge of it will deal damage and apply a DoT
    • Your goal is to use the relocators to move INSIDE of the Shuri circle
  • Divide - as the fight progresses, So'Azmi will divide the room in half first and then into quadrants on her second cast
    • These lines can ONLY be traversed using the relocators, you cannot run through them
    • They also break line of sight so you cannot dps the boss or target other players in different sections of the room; it is VERY important that everyone sticks together for healing
  • Double Technique - interrupt - after casting divide, the boss will teleport away and start casting this; needs to be interrupted twice (back to back) to stop it within 10 seconds, otherwise it will deal HUGE group damage
    • There is no benefit to waiting till near the end of her first cast to interrupt, whatever duration she has left on her first is what she will use for her second (potentially making you miss it if you cut it too close)