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Updated on 7/6/2021, 11:06:33

With Oribos in peril, a desperate battle at the pinnacle of the Sanctum begins. Standing between the Jailer and the mortals who would stop him is Sylvanas Windrunner. With no masks left to wear, the Banshee Queen unleashes her full power to protect the Banished One while his ultimate plan unfolds.

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    Fight Summary

    This is a three-phase encounter with one intermission where you will fight, chase, and ultimately defeat Sylvanas? Only time will tell. This fight takes place in multiple locations and will have you chasing after Sylvanas with the help of some familiar faces.

    Phase 1 (100%-80%)

    To preface this. This fight had a lot of visual clutter on testing and this guide will be detailing what is and isn't important to pay attention to in notes under each mechanic. I expect it to stay that way when it goes live, but if it changes, all of the videos will be updated after the fight goes live. 

    Windrunner - Sylvanas will buff herself with Windrunner and cast a lot of spells in quick succession. Whilst she casts all of these spells she will be moving...everywhere. She will hit players with Withering Fire which will apply a stack of Barbed Arrow.
    She will fire Desecrating Shot arrows on the ground, which can be dodged.
    Finally, she will throw Shadow Daggers at players leaving a 9 second DoT on them.

    Note: When she has the Windrunner buff, her hitbox is where she casts the spell, so you do not need to follow where she is moving. Just pretend she's standing still.

    Ranger's Heartseeker - Every 5 seconds Sylvanas will gain a stack of Ranger's Heartseeker. When she has 3 or more stacks, she can replace her auto-attack Ranger Shot with this and fire set(s) of 3 Ranger's Heartseeker at the tank. Each hit will apply a stack of Banshee's Mark, which will apply an 18 second long Shadow damage DoT.

    Note: She could often go very long periods of time without casting Ranger's Heartseeker and would often go to 6 stacks or more, meaning that Ranger's Heartseeker would be cast back to back. Be ready to use defensives if this happens.

    Wailing Arrow - The tank will be targeted with a large shadow aura around them. After 9 seconds, this arrow will detonate on the tank. It will deal damage to the raid reduced based on their distance from the tank.

    Note: During testing it was possible to LoS this cast, but it was not consistent. Also, you don't want to run too far away from the boss/raid with this, as you may need to get back in quickly for Ranger's Heartseeker.

    Veil of Darkness - Sylvanas leaps into the air and creates a very large shadow circle on the ground. Any players inside this shadow circle when this cast completes will have a healing absorb applied to them. The absorb will jump every second to another player. However, it is completely avoidable.

    Note: When Sylvanas finishes this cast, she will leap to whichever tank currently has the highest threat; therefore be vocal about your position to not bait melee DPS into running the wrong way.

    Domination Chains - These are key to your survival in this phase as it is the only way to remove Barbed Arrow. Sylvanas will mark locations on the floor, and the closest player to these will be tethered to the chain. They will be constantly pulled towards the chain, and the raid must DPS down all of the chains before the players get caught in another mechanic.

    [Heroic] Calamity - If the player tethered to a Chain gets too close to their chain, they will die.

    This phase will continue until you bring Sylvanas down to 80% health.

    Intermission (80%)

    Sylvanas will gain a 99% damage reduction when this phase begins and put a Domination Chain on every player. The raid must free each other from these chains to dodge the mechanics in this phase.

    Banshee Wail - This will deal damage to players based on their missing health. The lower your health, the more deadly this spell is. It will also damage all players within 5 yards and interrupt all spell casting for 3 seconds. Ensure you are spread out and healthy.

    Rive & Riven Debris - Chunks of Torghast will be thrown across the platform. If any of these hits you, you will likely die.

    This intermission will end once enough time has passed.

    Phase 2 (Chasing Sylvanas)

    This phase was not tested much on PTR, so information is speculative. This section will be updated after the fight goes live. - Credit to Lucid (Twitch Link) for allowing me to use their footage of this phase.

    Sylvanas is once again taking 99% reduced damage during this phase, and you will be chasing her up the Chains of Torghast. During this phase, she will continue to gain stacks of Ranger's Heartseeker and cast Banshee Wail.

    Jaina and Thrall will join you and build bridges between the Chains. As you chase her, she will attempt to push you off the chains with Haunting Wave.

    Note: Some of the bridges seemed to have holes in them, which can be quite difficult to spot, so be careful.

    Ruin - Sylvanas will constantly move up the chains and cast this spell once she gets to a set location. This spell has a 5 second cast time and will kill the raid. You must interrupt it else you will wipe.

    Veil of Darkness - This spell returns. However, it will be multiple smaller clouds rather than one big cloud.

    [Heroic] Hymn of the End - If no players are within 50 yards of Sylvanas, she will channel raid-wide Shadow damage.

    Once you are about halfway through the chase, Mawsworn adds will spawn.

    Mawsworn Vanguard

    Accursed Might - Each cast will apply a stacking buff to the Vanguard, increasing damage done by 50%, health by 30%, and speed by 10%.

    [Heroic] Unstoppable Force - This will deal damage to all targets within 5 yards of the tank. Ensure the tank is away from others.

    Kill this before they get too many stacks and they 1 shot the tank.

    Mawsworn Hopebreaker

    Destabilize - This will channel onto a random player dealing a low amount of damage. However, it will apply a stacking healing absorb for 10% of their health per stack.

    [Heroic] Enflame - The melee swings will now deal a small amount of Fire damage to the raid.

    Mawforged Souljudge

     Crushing Dread - This debuff is applied to a random player and will deal a large burst of Shadow damage to the player, and everyone within 5 yards every 2 seconds. Each time it deals damage, it deals 10% more. This debuff can be dispelled. However, it will jump to another player until the Souljudge has been defeated.

    Dispel this on cooldown to reduce damage taken by the raid.

    [Heroic] Lashing Strike - A tank swap has been added, which applies the stacking bleed Lashing Wound.

    Mawforged Summoner

    Decrepit Orb - 4 of these orbs will be summoned, and they will explode on death. The amount of damage they do when they explode increases based on the time they have been alive.

    Kill these as your top priority to lower raid damage taken.

    [Heroic] Curse of Lethargy - A low ticking Shadow DoT, however each cast increases the duration by 1 second.

    This should be decursed as quickly as possible to lower raid damage taken. Mages, Druids, Shamans of any specialisation can remove curses.

    Mawforged Goliath

    Fury - This stacking buff is gained when the Goliath attacks the same target multiple times.

    Tanks should aim to swap often to keep these stacks low.

    Once you have chased Sylvanas to the end of the Chains, you will be teleported to Phase 3.

    Phase 3 (The Finale?)

    This phase was not tested much on PTR, so information is speculative. This section will be updated after the fight goes live. Credit to Lucid (Twitch Link) for allowing me to use their footage of this phase.

    At the start of this phase, you will be teleported to Oribos, where you will have the final showdown against Sylvanas. There will be four platforms in this room that will slowly be destroyed as the phase plays out. Your goal is to defeat her before you run out of platforms to use, as they will be getting destroyed when she casts Raze.

    Invigorating Field - Allows players to jump between platforms and will also provide a small speed bonus.

    Returning Abilities:

    Wailing Arrow - Will go on random players instead of just the tank.

    Veil of Darkness - Small puddles like in Phase 2.

    Banshee Scream - Functions the same as before, scaling damage based on missing health which can spread to players within 5 yards.

    New Abilities:

    Shadow Dagger - Lines will appear in a starburst pattern from Sylvanas. After a couple of seconds, Daggers will fly in each of these lines. Any players hit by these daggers will have a large Shadow DoT applied to them. Avoid being hit by these.

    Banshee's Heartseeker - This is functionally the same as the tank mechanic from Phase 1 and 2. However, each stack will apply Banshee's Bane to the tank.

     Banshee's Bane - This debuff is applied by Banshee's Heartseeker and making contact with a Banshee's Bane pool on the ground. When the Banshee's Bane debuff is either dispelled or expires, a pool will appear on the ground. 

    As many pools will appear throughout the phase, you will need player(s) to intentionally pick up these pools to move them to a safer location (such as a corner) to give the raid more room.

    [Heroic] Banshee's Fury - This will deal a small amount of raid-wide Shadow damage. However, if any players have any stacks of Banshee's Bane, it will deal a large burst of Shadow damage to all players based on the number of stacks being held. Ensure all stacks have been dispelled from players before this cast completes.

    Raze - Disables the ability to jump between platforms for the platform she is currently on. It will also make the ground on that platform deal a very high amount of Shadow damage every 0.5 seconds.

    Before the platform is destroyed, it is advisable to move any Banshee's Bane pools from other platforms to the one she is going to destroy to give the raid more room for mechanics.

    Tank Damage Profile

    70% Shadow
    30% Physical
    5% Ranger Shot 

    Ranger Shot Timer: 1.5s (Curse of Weakness 1.8s)

    Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk


    Vengeance Demon Hunter


    Protection Paladin


    Protection Warrior


    Guardian Druid


    Blood Death Knight


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